Why is the NFL playing in Europe? The Truth You Need to Know

NFL playing in Europe

Since 2007, the National Football League (NFL) has been hosting games in Europe with the aim of expanding the sport’s reach and popularity. The league is actively working to cultivate a sustainable fan base in Europe, recognizing the region as a crucial market for its growth and development.

There are several reasons why the NFL is playing in Europe:

To grow the sport and widen its appeal

The NFL is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, but it is still relatively unknown in many parts of Europe. By playing games in Europe, the NFL hopes to introduce the sport to new fans and grow its fan base.

To generate revenue from international markets

The NFL is a multi-billion dollar business, and the league is always looking for new ways to generate revenue. Playing games in Europe allows the NFL to tap into new markets and reach new fans.

To develop new fanbases in Europe

The NFL is committed to building a sustainable fan base in Europe. The league is investing in youth football programs and partnering with European media companies to promote the sport.

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The NFL’s venture into international markets has proven to be a success. Every year since 2007, NFL games in London have consistently sold out. Additionally, games held in Mexico and Germany have attracted substantial crowds, further indicating the league’s popularity beyond its traditional boundaries. The NFL’s international expansion is generating significant revenue for the league.

However, the NFL is facing some challenges in its international expansion. The league needs to find a way to balance its domestic and international interests. The NFL also needs to overcome cultural differences between the United States and Europe.

Despite these challenges, the NFL is committed to its international expansion. The league sees Europe as a key market for growth and is investing in the region to build a sustainable fan base.


The NFL has extended its presence to Europe with the primary objectives of expanding the sport, generating revenue, fostering new fanbases, and establishing a more widespread global presence for the league. While the league’s international expansion has achieved success, it is not without its challenges. The NFL is committed to overcoming these challenges and building a strong fan base in Europe.


How many NFL games are played in Europe each year?

The NFL currently plays up to five games in Europe each year.

Which cities in Europe host NFL games?

NFL games are currently played in London, England, and Frankfurt, Germany. The NFL plans to play a game in Spain in 2024.

Why does the NFL only play games in a few select cities in Europe?

The NFL needs to find cities with large stadiums and a strong fan base for American football. The league also needs to find cities that are willing to invest in hosting NFL games.

How successful has the NFL’s international expansion been?

The NFL has experienced notable success in its international expansion. Since 2007, NFL games in London have consistently sold out each year, and both Mexico and Germany have witnessed substantial crowds during NFL events. This expansion has not only proven popular but is also contributing significantly to the league’s revenue.

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