Caleb Williams NFL Draft Rumors: Top 5 Teams Revealed!

We are just four weeks into the 2023 NFL season, and already, the spotlight is shifting towards the 2024 NFL Draft. The intrigue surrounding this upcoming draft is palpable.

Caleb Williams NFL Draft Rumors

While the identity of the team with the first overall pick next year remains a mystery, the Caleb Williams saga has hit its peak. The latest rumors surrounding the USC star are nothing short of captivating.

Social media is buzzing with whispers that the current Heisman Trophy holder believes he can secure a more lucrative deal by staying at USC for another year rather than entering the NFL as a rookie quarterback. Allegedly, Williams intends to stay in college unless he’s drafted by one of these five NFL teams: the Cowboys, Raiders, Vikings, Giants, or 49ers.

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The NFL highest-paid quarterbacks in 2023

This list of teams is intriguing, each with a solid foundation, yet questions linger at the quarterback position. Of course, opinions may differ, especially among Brock Purdy fans. Unfortunately for Williams, the chances of any of these teams securing the first overall pick in the upcoming draft seem slim.

As things stand, the Raiders and Vikings, both sporting 1-3 records, appear to be the top contenders. The Giants, who have stumbled with a 1-2 start, have an opportunity to reverse their fortunes on Monday Night Football against the Seahawks. However, if Daniel Jones falters once again in prime time, don’t be surprised if it adds more fuel to the Caleb Williams discussion in the Big Apple.

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