The Secrets to Responsible Betting in NFL Stadiums with MGM & BetMGM!

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MGM Resorts International and BetMGM have launched a responsible gaming initiative across nine NFL stadiums, with the aim of promoting responsible gambling during the upcoming football season.

The program, known as GameSense, will be prominently featured at various stadiums, including Acrisure Stadium (home to the Pittsburgh Steelers), Allegiant Stadium (home to the Las Vegas Raiders), and M&T Bank Stadium (home to the Baltimore Ravens).

Rhea Loney, Chief Compliance Officer at BetMGM, expressed, “Throughout the season, GameSense will play a crucial role in reminding football enthusiasts engaged in sports betting to do so in a responsible manner.”

To underscore their commitment to responsible gaming and addressing problem gambling, MGM Resorts and BetMGM are pledging over $1 million annually towards initiatives encompassing research, advocacy, prevention, marketing, and organizational support.

Stephen Martino, SVP Chief Compliance Officer at MGM Resorts, stressed the importance of collaboration among operators and stakeholders to ensure responsible gaming remains a top priority.

Casey Clark, SVP of the American Gaming Association (AGA), commended MGM Resorts and BetMGM for their dedication to advancing responsible gaming. He expressed, “The AGA takes pride in collaborating with industry frontrunners such as MGM Resorts and BetMGM in our ongoing commitment to champion responsible gaming. Their ongoing commitment to promoting responsibility reflects the industry’s dedication and the essence of Responsible Gaming Education Month.”

Visitors to MGM Resorts’ casino floors will encounter slot machines displaying GameSense messages along with QR codes for easy access to responsible gaming information.

Moreover, MGM Resorts and BetMGM are collaborating with the American Gaming Association to champion Responsible Gaming Education Month in September, emphasizing the importance of empowering guests and customers to engage in responsible gaming practices.

Both companies are equally devoted to providing their employees with responsible gaming training and have invested in developing digital training modules.

As part of their efforts, BetMGM will host live-experience fireside chats facilitated by EPIC Risk Management, a consultancy specializing in gambling harm reduction.

MGM Resorts will additionally encourage participation in surveys, feature leadership perspectives, and display public service messages on property screens and Las Vegas marquees, all geared towards promoting responsible gaming.

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