What is the Denver Broncos Stadium Called?

Denver Broncos Stadium
Denver Broncos Stadium

The Home of the Denver Broncos: Empower Field at Mile High

A Legacy of Gridiron Excellence

Located in the heart of Denver, Colorado, Empower Field at Mile High stands as a testament to the city’s passion for football and its enduring love for the Denver Broncos. With a rich history dating back to the 1960s, the stadium has witnessed countless gridiron battles, championship triumphs, and moments that have etched themselves into the annals of NFL history.

The Birth of Mile High Stadium

The story of Empower Field at Mile High begins with the construction of its predecessor, Mile High Stadium, in 1960. The stadium, aptly named for Denver’s elevation of one mile above sea level, quickly became a beloved landmark, hosting not only NFL games but also various concerts and events.

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A Stadium Built for Altitude

Mile High Stadium’s unique location presented both challenges and opportunities. The thin air at high altitude proved to be a demanding test for visiting teams, while the Broncos, accustomed to the conditions, enjoyed a significant home-field advantage.

Empower Field at Mile High: A Stadium of Champions

In 2001, after over four decades of hosting iconic moments, Mile High Stadium was replaced by its successor, Empower Field at Mile High. The new stadium, designed to capture the essence of its predecessor while incorporating modern advancements, has continued the tradition of hosting championship-caliber football.

A New Era for Broncos Football

Empower Field at Mile High ushered in a new era for the Denver Broncos, providing a state-of-the-art facility to match the team’s aspirations. The stadium quickly became a symbol of Broncos pride, witnessing the team’s remarkable journey to Super Bowl victory in 2015.

A Stadium Designed for Fan Experience

Empower Field at Mile High is not just a place to watch football; it’s an immersive fan experience. The stadium boasts a retractable roof, ensuring optimal conditions regardless of the weather, and features numerous amenities designed to enhance fan enjoyment.

Beyond Football: Empower Field at Mile High as a Multi-Purpose Venue

Empower Field at Mile High is more than just a football stadium. It has hosted a diverse range of events, from major concerts to international soccer matches, demonstrating its versatility as a multi-purpose venue.

Hosting Major Events and Concerts

The stadium’s retractable roof and spacious layout make it an ideal venue for large-scale events. Empower Field at Mile High has hosted concerts by world-renowned artists, attracting massive crowds and generating significant economic impact for the city.

The Impact of Empower Field at Mile High on Denver and Beyond

Empower Field at Mile High has played a pivotal role in shaping Denver’s identity as a sports-loving city. The stadium has attracted tourists, boosted local businesses, and served as a catalyst for economic development.

A Catalyst for Economic Development

The construction and operation of Empower Field at Mile High have created numerous jobs and generated significant revenue for the city. The stadium has also spurred development in the surrounding area, further enhancing Denver’s economic vitality.

A Symbol of Denver’s Sporting Pride

Empower Field at Mile High stands as a proud symbol of Denver’s sporting heritage. The stadium embodies the city’s passion for football, its commitment to excellence, and its ability to host world-class events.

Empower Field at Mile High: A Stadium for the Ages

Steeped in a storied past, marked by cutting-edge design, and unwavering dedication to enhancing the fan experience, Empower Field at Mile High stands ready to perpetuate its standing as a top-tier football stadium for the foreseeable future. The stadium’s resilience in adapting to evolving times and its wholehearted embrace of emerging technologies firmly secure its enduring position in the realm of premier sports venues.

A Legacy of Innovation and Tradition

Empower Field at Mile High has consistently embraced innovation while honoring the traditions of its predecessor. The stadium features cutting-edge technology, such as its retractable roof and high-definition video screens, while maintaining its iconic “ring of orange” seating arrangement, a nod to the original Mile High Stadium.

A Continued Commitment to Excellence

The Denver Broncos and the management of Empower Field at Mile High are dedicated to maintaining the stadium’s reputation as one of the best in the NFL. Ongoing renovations and upgrades ensure that the facility remains at the forefront of technology and fan experience.


Empower Field at Mile High stands as a beacon of sporting excellence in the heart of Denver. More than just a stadium, it’s a symbol of the city’s passion, pride, and commitment to community. As the Broncos continue to chase championships and the stadium welcomes diverse events, Empower Field at Mile High is sure to remain a pivotal part of Denver’s vibrant sports culture for generations to come.


What is the capacity of Empower Field at Mile High?

Empower Field at Mile High has a maximum capacity of 76,125, making it the fifth-largest stadium in the NFL.

How much did Empower Field at Mile High cost to build?

The original construction cost of Empower Field at Mile High was approximately $400.7 million.

What are some of the notable features of Empower Field at Mile High?

Empower Field at Mile High is known for its retractable roof, its high-definition video screens, and its iconic “ring of orange” seating arrangement.

What events besides NFL games are held at Empower Field at Mile High?

The stadium has hosted a variety of events, including major concerts, international soccer matches, college football games, and motocross competitions.

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