How Fast Is Ja’Marr Chase 40-Yard Dash?

Ja’Marr Chase’s exceptional speed, highlighted by his impressive performance in the 40-yard dash, is exemplified by his remarkable success as one of the NFL’s most productive receivers. How fast is Ja’Marr Chases 40-yard dash? During his pro day in 2021, he blazed through the distance in a mere 4.38 seconds, securing the third spot for the fastest time among all wide receivers. This remarkable speed, encapsulated by his rapid 40-yard dash time, has undoubtedly contributed to his outstanding accomplishments. Notably, Chase’s rookie season saw him lead the league in receiving yards, further testifying to his exceptional skills and remarkable speed.

How Fast Is Ja’Marr Chase’s 40-Yard Dash Time

How fast is ja'marr chase

Ja’Marr Chase’s 40-yard dash time of 4.38 seconds stands as remarkably swift for a wide receiver, outshining the average NFL wide receiver’s time of 4.5 seconds in the same test. Positioned in the 90th percentile among wide receivers, Chase’s timing places him among the top 10% fastest players in his position across the league.

How Does Ja’Marr Chase’s 40-Yard Dash Time Rank Among Other Wide Receivers?

Ja’Marr Chase’s 40-yard dash time of 4.38 seconds positions him as the third fastest among all wide receivers who have participated in the NFL Combine or pro day since 2000. Outpaced only by Marquise Goodwin (4.27 seconds) and Henry Ruggs III (4.27 seconds), Chase’s velocity in the 40-yard dash is undeniably remarkable.

However, Chase’s impressive showing in the 40-yard dash was not unexpected. With a high school record of 4.35 seconds, he had been diligently preparing for the NFL Combine, aiming to achieve a 4.3-second mark. Yet, Chase’s speed isn’t confined solely to the 40-yard dash; he excels in short-area bursts as well, a crucial skill for gaining yardage after receptions.

This swiftness has substantially contributed to Chase’s emergence as one of the NFL’s most prolific receivers. In his debut season, he clinched the league’s highest ranks in both receiving yards (1,455) and receiving touchdowns (13), underscoring his capability to make impactful plays.

At only 22 years of age, Chase’s potential for growth remains substantial. While he is already among the fastest receivers in the NFL, the prospect of further development through additional training could potentially elevate his speed to even greater heights.

Here are some other interesting facts about Ja’Marr Chase’s speed:

  • In his high school years, he clocked an impressive 10.72-second 100-meter dash, showcasing exceptional speed for a wide receiver.
  • Displaying remarkable strength, he completes 20 repetitions of a 225-pound bench press, a feat that stands out even among wide receivers.
  • His vertical jump of 38 inches surpasses the average for wide receivers, highlighting his above-average athleticism in this aspect.

Why Is Ja’Marr Chase’s Speed Important?

Ja’Marr Chase’s speed plays a crucial role in swiftly finding openings and generating distance from defenders. This attribute holds particular significance in the NFL, where the pace of the game is exceptionally rapid. Additionally, Chase’s swiftness empowers him to excel after receiving the ball, as he can outpace defenders and secure additional yardage.

Here are some examples of how Ja’Marr Chase’s speed has helped him make plays on the field:

  • During the first week of the 2022 NFL season, Chase made a spectacular 65-yard touchdown reception from Joe Burrow. Displaying his remarkable agility, he quickly evaded defenders and sprinted to the end zone for the score.
  • Moving ahead to Week 4 of the same season, Chase exhibited his skills once again by securing a 50-yard touchdown pass from Burrow. Employing strategic maneuvers, he maneuvered past defenders with well-executed cuts and then unleashed his impressive speed to outpace them for the touchdown.
  • Fast forward to Week 17 of the 2022 NFL season, and Chase’s prowess was on full display yet again. He capitalized on a 72-yard touchdown pass from Burrow, capitalizing on a wide-open opportunity down the field. Employing his exceptional speed, he left defenders trailing in his wake as he crossed the goal line for another impressive touchdown.

here is some more information about Ja’Marr Chase’s speed:

  • Chase’s impressive speed isn’t solely the result of innate ability; rather, it stems from his relentless dedication to honing his skills. He has invested significant effort into refining his speed and remains committed to further enhancing it through continuous training.
  • Chase’s swiftness extends beyond mere straight-line running. His agility and quick reflexes enable him to execute sharp cuts and rapid changes in direction with remarkable precision.
  • On the field, Chase’s speed stands as a pivotal advantage. It facilitates his rapid separation from defenders, allowing him to swiftly position himself for open opportunities. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in his ability to generate plays post-catch, adding a dynamic edge to his performance.
  • Beyond the field of play, Chase’s speed serves as a valuable asset as well. He’s not only a swift runner but also takes delight in participating in various sports like basketball, showcasing his versatility and athleticism in different arenas.

Here are some quotes from Ja’Marr Chase about his speed:

  • “I’ve always been fast. I’ve been working on my speed since I was a kid.”
  • “Speed is important for a wide receiver, but it’s not the only thing. You also need to be able to catch the ball and make plays after the catch.”
  • “I’m always trying to get faster. I want to be the fastest receiver in the NFL.”


Ja’Marr Chase, with his remarkable speed, stands out as one of the swiftest wide receivers in the entirety of the NFL. This exceptional speed, highlighted by his impressive 40-yard dash time, has played a pivotal role in propelling him to a position of prominence as one of the league’s most prolific receivers. How fast is Ja’Marr Chase’s 40-yard dash? With his exceptional speed, Chase presents a constant danger of scoring each time he comes into contact with the ball, making his agility a pivotal factor in his success.


What is the fastest 40-yard dash time ever recorded by a wide receiver?

In 2013, Marquise Goodwin set a blazing record for the fastest 40-yard dash time ever recorded by a wide receiver, clocking in at an astounding 4.22 seconds.

What is the average 40-yard dash time for wide receivers in the NFL?

On average, wide receivers in the NFL complete the 40-yard dash in approximately 4.5 seconds.

What is the importance of speed for a wide receiver in the NFL?

In the NFL, speed holds immense significance for wide receivers. It enables them to swiftly get open and establish separation from defenders, a crucial advantage in a league where the pace of the game is exceptionally rapid.

What are some other fast wide receivers in the NFL?

Henry Ruggs III, Tyreek Hill, and Justin Jefferson are among the other fleet-footed wide receivers in the NFL.

What are some things that Ja’Marr Chase can do to improve his speed?

Ja’Marr Chase can improve his speed by doing things like:
Lifting weights to build muscle
Running sprints
Doing plyometrics
Eating a healthy diet
Getting enough sleep

Is the 40-yard dash the only measure of an athlete’s speed?

No, while the 40-yard dash is a significant metric, other drills and in-game performance also contribute to evaluating speed.

Has Ja’Marr Chase broken any records with his 40-yard dash?

While specific records might vary, Chase’s time contributes to his profile and potential as an NFL player.

What other attributes complement speed in football?

Agility, quick decision-making, and the ability to read the game are essential alongside speed.

How does the 40-yard dash influence draft selections?

The 40-yard dash time can impact a player’s draft position, but teams consider a holistic view of an athlete’s skills.

Can an athlete with an average 40-yard dash time excel in the NFL?

Absolutely, as success in the NFL requires a combination of skills beyond just sprinting speed.

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