NFL’s Future Phenom: Travis Hunter’s Jaw-Dropping Dual-Role Dominance! Will He Be the #1 Draft Pick in 2025?

travis hunter nfl draft pick

Deion Sanders, a former NFL Top 5 draft pick and a Hall of Fame cornerback who also had experience as a wide receiver in the NFL, sees a player with similar versatile talents emerging in the present.

In Colorado’s recent upset victory over TCU, Travis Hunter showcased his exceptional abilities by excelling in both cornerback and wide receiver roles.

He amassed an impressive 119 receiving yards and crucially intercepted a pass, becoming the first Division I player in two decades to achieve over 100 receiving yards and an interception in a single game.

Sanders believes that Hunter has the potential to excel on both offense and defense in the NFL, possibly even becoming the first overall draft pick.

Sanders enthusiastically stated his confidence in Hunter, saying, “This kid is a first-round talent on both sides of the ball, more like a top overall pick. Travis embodies the essence of a first-pick.

He possesses an unwavering passion for the game, continuously demonstrating his commitment through his relentless study and dedication to every intricate aspect of football.”

While Hunter won’t be eligible for the NFL draft until 2025, Sanders predicts that coaches will greatly appreciate his tireless work ethic when the time comes. Hunter currently serves as a starter on both offense and defense, a testament to his exceptional skills.

During the game against TCU, he played an astonishing 129 snaps, and Sanders humorously mentioned that he practically has to wrestle Hunter off the practice field to ensure he takes some breaks.

“This young man is truly unique,” Sanders declared. “Only a week ago, I advised him to take a break and refrain from practicing until Friday, ahead of our trip to Fort Worth.

Yet, there he was on the field Thursday, eager to contribute on both sides of the ball. I had to remind him, ‘Didn’t I just tell you not to practice?'”

One of the factors contributing to Sanders’ success as a recruiter is his commitment to promoting his top players. He wants the entire NFL to be aware that Travis Hunter is set to make a significant impact in 2025.

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