Curious and Quirky: The Top 30 Weird Facts about NFL Games

Top 30 Weird Facts about NFL Games
If you’re a fan of American football, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the NFL, the National Football League. It’s one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, captivating millions of fans with its high-octane games, talented players, and rich history. In this article, we’ll dive into some fascinating facts about NFL that every fan and enthusiast should know.

The Top 30 Weird Facts about NFL Games

The “Fog Bowl” took place on December 31, 1988, when heavy fog enveloped the field during a playoff game between the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles.

During a 2014 game between the San Francisco 49ers and the St. Louis Rams, a cat ran onto the field and delayed the game for several minutes.

Super Bowl XLVII in 2013 experienced a 34-minute power outage due to an electrical issue at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

The Oakland Raiders’ former stadium, the Coliseum, is rumored to be haunted, with reports of paranormal activity experienced by both players and fans.

In 1993, Michael Jackson’s halftime performance during Super Bowl XXVII led to an increase in viewership, causing more people to tune in for the halftime show than the actual game.

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In 1970, Tom Dempsey, a New Orleans Saints kicker, set a record by kicking a 63-yard field goal. What made it even more impressive was that he did it despite being born without toes on his right foot.

During the 1970s, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ home field, Three Rivers Stadium, had an artificial turf called “Tartan Turf,” which was known for causing unpredictable bounces.

Streakers have occasionally interrupted NFL games, running across the field naked, causing delays and often humorous reactions from players and officials.

The infamous “Tuck Rule” was invoked during a playoff game between the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders in 2002, leading to a controversial reversal of a fumble call.

Matt Prater of the Denver Broncos holds the record for the longest field goal in NFL history, kicking a 64-yard field goal on December 8, 2013.

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During a 1997 game, the Baltimore Ravens mascot, Poe, was accidentally knocked unconscious after being hit by a cart during a pregame entrance.

The “Snow Plow Game” occurred on December 12, 1982, when a snowplow operator cleared a spot on the field for the New England Patriots kicker, helping them secure a victory.

The term “Hail Mary” to describe a long, desperate pass originated from a Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings playoff game on December 28, 1975, when Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach said he closed his eyes and threw the ball, praying like a Hail Mary.

The Miami Dolphins popularized the “Wildcat” formation in 2008, which involved direct snaps to running backs and unconventional plays, surprising opponents.

Since 2007, the NFL has held regular-season games in London, England, allowing international fans to experience live NFL action.

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In 1968, Philadelphia Eagles fans infamously pelted Santa Claus with snowballs during a game, creating a lasting reputation for unruly behavior.

The Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys have a longstanding tradition of hosting games on Thanksgiving Day, dating back to 1934 and 1966, respectively.

Many athletes featured on the cover of the popular video game “Madden NFL” have suffered from injuries or poor performance shortly after, leading to the belief in the “Madden Curse.”

Players have celebrated touchdowns in unique ways, including Terrell Owens using a pom-pom as a prop, Chad Johnson performing a river dance, and Joe Horn pulling a cell phone out of the goalpost.

During a 1998 game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Detroit Lions, referee Phil Luckett’s controversial coin toss led to confusion and the need for a reflip.

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After several incidents of players dunking the ball over the goalpost and causing delays due to structural damage, the NFL banned goalpost dunking in 2014.

The NFL has expanded its international presence by hosting games in Mexico City and even considering the possibility of a team based in London.

The NFL and AFL (American Football League) merged in 1970, combining two rival leagues into one, which laid the foundation for the modern NFL.

Players have been penalized for excessive celebrations, including pulling out props, dancing excessively, or taunting opponents.

Artificial turf, particularly early versions like AstroTurf, was criticized for causing injuries and providing a different playing experience compared to natural grass.

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The use of instant replay to review and overturn calls has sparked controversy over the years, with fans and players sometimes disagreeing with the officials’ decisions.

The NFL has specific rules regarding which positions can wear which jersey numbers, creating some unusual combinations and limitations for players.

In 2008, the New England Patriots missed the playoffs despite finishing the season with an 11-5 record, primarily due to tiebreakers and other teams’ performances.

Occasionally, NFL games end with coincidental scorelines, such as a 12-9 final score, which can be quite rare and unexpected.

NFL games have been played in non-traditional locations, such as Wembley Stadium in London, Mexico City’s Estadio Azteca, and even a game held in Tokyo, Japan, in 2005.

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The NFL’s rich history, thrilling games, and remarkable players have made it an integral part of American sports culture and a global phenomenon. From its humble beginnings in 1920 to the extravagant Super Bowl spectacles of today, the league continues to capture the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. When exploring the fascinating Facts about NFL, it becomes evident why this league holds such a prominent position in the world of sports.


Are these weird facts only from recent NFL games?

No, the weird facts cover a wide range of NFL games throughout history.

Have any NFL games been played outside the United States?

Yes, the NFL has hosted games in various international locations, including London and Mexico City.

Are there any other peculiar traditions associated with NFL games?

Yes, Thanksgiving Day games and pregame rituals are among the unique traditions in the NFL.

Are there any superstitions specific to NFL players?

Yes, many players have their own superstitions and pregame rituals to help them focus and perform their best.

How has the introduction of instant replay affected NFL games?

Instant replay has been both praised for its accuracy and criticized for controversial decisions, sparking debate among fans and players.

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