Exploring the Art of Punting with the 15 Best NFL Punters

Best NFL Punters

The world of American football is adorned with legends and tales of exceptional athletes, but the punters often stand in the shadows, silently impacting the game’s trajectory. These players possess a unique artistry, guiding the football through the air with precision and strategy. In this comprehensive list, we uncover the 15 best NFL punters of all time, celebrating their exceptional careers and the vital roles they played in shaping the sport.

The Art of Punting: Understanding its Importance in Football

Often overlooked, punting is an intricate skill that demands a keen understanding of strategy and precision. Punters are responsible for launching the football high into the air, propelling it downfield with finesse and distance. Their primary objective is to pin the opposing team as far back as possible, forcing them to start their offensive drive deep within their territory. The punter’s prowess in flipping the field can dramatically influence the flow of the game, swinging momentum in their team’s favor.

Pinning the Opponent: Flipping the Field

One of the punters’ most significant contributions lies in their ability to flip the field. When an offense is stalled near its own end zone, a skilled punter can dramatically alter the game’s dynamics by sending the ball soaring deep into the opponent’s territory. This forces the opposing offense to cover substantial ground, placing them at a disadvantageous starting position. Such a pivotal shift in field position puts immense pressure on the opposing team, with the punter playing a vital role in confining them to a limited area.

Hidden Yardage: The Impact on Game Momentum

Beyond the obvious yardage gained through explosive offensive plays, punters wield the power of hidden yardage. The seemingly modest punts that roll and bounce favorably can add precious yards to their team’s advantage. Over the course of a game, these hidden yards accumulate, culminating in a significant advantage that can tip the scales in favor of the punters’ team. This hidden yardage, although subtle, can become a defining factor in close, hard-fought contests.

The 15 Best NFL Punters of All Time

Ray Guy: The Pioneer of Modern Punting

The history of punting greatness in the NFL would be incomplete without mentioning the legendary Ray Guy. Hailing from the University of Southern Mississippi, Guy entered the league in 1973 as the first punter ever to be selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. This momentous decision by the Oakland Raiders proved transformative, as Ray Guy went on to revolutionize the punting position.

Before Ray Guy’s arrival, punters were often position players who doubled as punters. However, Guy’s exceptional leg strength and technique showcased the value of a dedicated punting specialist. His booming punts consistently pinned opponents deep in their own territory, establishing him as the gold standard for punters across the league. Ray Guy’s presence on the field not only elevated the Raiders’ special teams but also inspired a new generation of punters who sought to emulate his success.

Ray Guy’s influence on the game extended well beyond his playing days. His legacy as a game-changer for punters can be seen in the growing emphasis on specialized punting roles across the NFL. Teams began recognizing the importance of having a dedicated punting expert, rather than relying on position players with less experience in the craft. Guy’s impact was so profound that he was eventually enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, solidifying his status as a true pioneer of modern punting.

Shane Lechler: The Golden Leg

Following in the footsteps of Ray Guy, Shane Lechler emerged as another punting prodigy who showcased a deadly combination of power and precision. Throughout his illustrious career, Lechler donned the colors of the Oakland Raiders and later the Houston Texans. His unparalleled consistency in punting and extraordinary ability to control the football’s trajectory earned him the moniker “The Golden Leg.”

Shane Lechler’s punts were a sight to behold, soaring high and far with unrivaled power, while displaying remarkable precision and accuracy. Whether it was a booming punt to pin opponents deep in their territory or a perfectly executed directional punt to sideline the returner, Lechler’s abilities made him a force to be reckoned with on the field.

Lechler’s remarkable career was dotted with records and accolades. One of his most astonishing feats was setting the record for the most punts of 50 yards or more in NFL history. This achievement is a testament to his consistent ability to launch towering punts downfield, even under the most demanding circumstances. Lechler’s record-breaking career will forever serve as a benchmark for aspiring punters seeking to leave their mark in the league.

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Johnny Hekker: Master of Fakes

While power and precision are the hallmarks of many elite punters, Johnny Hekker introduced a new dimension to the position – the art of deception. Hekker, the longtime punter for the Los Angeles Rams, showcased his creativity with cleverly executed fake punts, catching opposing teams off-guard and igniting his team’s offensive momentum.

Johnny Hekker’s unique ability to execute trick plays added an extra layer of excitement to the position of punter. Whether it was a perfectly timed fake punt pass for a first down or a dazzling run to keep the drive alive, Hekker demonstrated that punters could be more than just specialists; they could be offensive weapons too.

Hekker’s success with trick plays helped shatter the perception that punters were merely relegated to defensive specialists. Instead, they could be game-changing assets that could turn the tide in their team’s favor. The threat of a fake punt forced opponents to remain vigilant, creating opportunities for the Rams to exploit weaknesses and maintain a competitive edge.

Sammy Baugh: The Original Dual-Threat Punter

Long before the era of Johnny Hekker, there was another punter who defied convention and showed the world that punters could contribute in more ways than one – Sammy Baugh. Baugh, a legendary quarterback for the Washington Redskins, also took on punting duties, making him a dual threat on the field.

Sammy Baugh’s versatility was unparalleled in his time. As a quarterback, he revolutionized the passing game, and as a punter, he consistently helped his team gain an advantage in the field position battle. His ability to play both positions at an elite level set him apart from his peers and laid the groundwork for future generations of multi-talented players.

Sammy Baugh’s dual-threat proficiency highlighted the value of versatility and all-around athleticism in the NFL. His success as both a quarterback and punter paved the way for the acceptance of specialist punters in the league. Baugh’s pioneering efforts contributed to the evolution of the punting position and how it would be perceived in the years to come.

Pat McAfee: Entertainer On and Off the Field

The NFL has seen its fair share of charismatic and entertaining players, but few can match the colorful personality and impressive skills of Pat McAfee. The former punter for the Indianapolis Colts captivated audiences both on and off the field, turning the often-overlooked position of punter into a stage for amusement and excitement.

Pat McAfee’s on-field performances were nothing short of extraordinary. His ability to consistently deliver booming punts and execute well-placed kicks earned him respect as one of the premier punters of his time. However, it was his flair for showmanship and lively personality that transformed him into a fan favorite.

McAfee leveraged the power of social media to build a massive following and elevate the image of punters in the public eye. He utilized various platforms to showcase his wit, humor, and infectious enthusiasm for the game, proving that punters could be just as entertaining and engaging as any other football player.

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Thomas Morstead: The Onside Kick Master

In a sport often decided by inches, strategic choices and unconventional plays can prove pivotal. Thomas Morstead, the New Orleans Saints punter, displayed an exceptional mastery of the onside kick, a high-risk play that can dramatically shift momentum in a team’s favor.

During Super Bowl XLIV, Thomas Morstead executed a daring onside kick to open the second half, catching the Indianapolis Colts completely off-guard. Morstead’s precise kick bounced perfectly into the hands of a Saints player, leading to a critical possession change and ultimately contributing to their Super Bowl victory.

Thomas Morstead’s onside kick was a shining example of how punters can rise to the occasion and become unsung heroes on special teams. While their contributions may not always make headline news, their strategic plays and game-changing moments can make all the difference in high-stakes games.

Jerrel Wilson: The Iron Leg

Throughout NFL history, few punters have displayed the level of consistency that Jerrel Wilson did during his career with the Kansas City Chiefs. Often referred to as “The Iron Leg,” Wilson’s powerful and unwavering leg provided the Chiefs with a reliable weapon on special teams.

Jerrel Wilson’s ability to deliver long, booming punts consistently throughout his career was nothing short of extraordinary. He provided a sense of stability and dependability for the Chiefs, giving them an edge in the field position battle time and time again.

As one of the first punters to receive significant recognition for his contributions to special teams, Jerrel Wilson helped raise the profile of punters as essential components of a team’s success. His impact on the field and his commitment to excellence set the standard for future generations of punters.

Reggie Roby: The Boomstick

When it comes to leg strength and record-breaking performances, Reggie Roby stands among the all-time greats. The Miami Dolphins’ punter displayed a level of power and distance in his punts that earned him the fitting nickname “The Boomstick.”

Reggie Roby’s punting prowess saw him deliver some of the longest punts ever recorded in the NFL. His ability to send the football soaring downfield with jaw-dropping distance left opponents in awe and his teammates with a field position advantage.

Reggie Roby’s ability to flip the field and place opponents in challenging positions to start their offensive drives made him a valuable asset to the Dolphins’ defense. By limiting the opposing team’s starting field position, Roby’s punts played a crucial role in supporting the defensive efforts.

Dave Jennings: The Punter’s Punter

A true artist with football, Dave Jennings displayed a level of technical proficiency and finesse that set him apart as a master of his craft. The New York Giants punter demonstrated that punting was not just about power but also about precision and hang time.

Dave Jennings’ punts seemed to float effortlessly in the air, allowing his coverage team ample time to down the ball and limit the returner’s opportunities. His ability to consistently control the football’s flight path showcased the technical aspect of punting.

While the quarterback and wide receivers often grab the headlines, Dave Jennings exemplified the unsung hero status of punters on special teams. His contributions often went unnoticed, but his impact on field position and the overall game strategy was vital to the Giants’ success.

Bobby Walden: The Hidden Gem

Hailing from the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bobby Walden was a hidden gem among punters during his era. His contributions to the Steelers’ Super Bowl successes and his pioneering work as an Australian punter in the NFL deserve recognition.

Bobby Walden’s role as the Steelers’ punter during their Super Bowl triumphs was critical. His precise punts consistently pinned opponents deep in their territory, providing the Steelers’ dominant defense an opportunity to suffocate the opposing offense.

As one of the early Australian punters in the NFL, Bobby Walden blazed a trail for international players seeking to showcase their talents on the American stage. His success opened the doors for many other talented punters from around the world to make their mark in the league.

Darren Bennett: From Down Under to NFL Star

Following in the footsteps of Bobby Walden, Darren Bennett became another Australian punting sensation who left an indelible mark on the NFL. Bennett’s journey from playing Australian Rules Football to becoming an NFL star added a unique international flavor to the league.

Darren Bennett’s transition from Australian Rules Football to American Football allowed him to bring a distinct style to the punting position. His background in Aussie Rules gave him an edge in executing booming, spiraling punts that became a trademark of his time with the San Diego Chargers.

Darren Bennett’s accomplishments earned him multiple Pro Bowl selections, proving that punters from unconventional backgrounds could thrive in the NFL. His success in the league further solidified the punting position as a destination for global talent.

Dustin Colquitt: The Super Bowl Champion

As a member of the legendary Colquitt punting dynasty, Dustin Colquitt’s impact on the field was extraordinary. The longtime punter for the Kansas City Chiefs became a pivotal figure in the Chiefs’ journey to Super Bowl success.

Dustin Colquitt’s punting lineage dates back to his father, Craig Colquitt, who was also an NFL punter. The Colquitts’ exceptional talent and dedication to the craft of punting have left an indelible mark on the league.

Dustin Colquitt’s consistency and skill played a significant role in the Chiefs’ success, aiding their defense with valuable field positions. His punting prowess proved essential in tight playoff games, where every yard mattered.

Ryan Allen: The Playoff Hero

While some players save their best performances for the regular season, Ryan Allen made his mark in the NFL playoffs. The former punter for the New England Patriots consistently delivered under pressure, earning the nickname “Playoff Hero.”

Ryan Allen’s ability to perform at his best during the playoffs earned him the trust and admiration of his teammates and coaches. His timely and precise punts were instrumental in helping the Patriots secure crucial victories on their path to Super Bowl success.

While playoff performances are often associated with quarterbacks and skill-position players, Ryan Allen’s story reminds us of the hidden impact punters can have during the most critical moments of a season.


The 15 best NFL punters of all time have left an enduring legacy in the history of American football. From the pioneers like Ray Guy and Sammy Baugh to modern-day entertainers like Pat McAfee and Johnny Hekker, each punter has contributed to the sport in unique and game-changing ways. Their precision, power, and creativity have influenced the outcome of countless games, proving that punters are not just specialists but essential members of any winning team.


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What makes a great NFL punter?

A great NFL punter possesses a combination of power, precision, and strategy. The ability to flip the field, pin opponents deep in their territory, and execute strategic plays, such as onside kicks, are essential qualities.

Who is considered the greatest NFL punter of all time?

While opinions may vary, many consider Ray Guy to be the greatest NFL punter of all time. His pioneering impact on the position and consistency in delivering long, booming punts have earned him a place in football history.

How has punting evolved in the NFL?

Punting in the NFL has evolved with changes in rules and strategies. The focus on field position, the rise of specialized punters, and advancements in sports science and analytics have all contributed to the evolution of the position.

Are punters underrated in the NFL?

Yes, punters are often underrated in the NFL despite their significant impact on games. Their contributions may not always be as flashy as other positions, but their role in shaping the flow of the game cannot be underestimated.

Can punters also act as offensive weapons?

Indeed, some punters, like Johnny Hekker, have shown that they can be offensive weapons. Cleverly executed fake punts and surprise plays have demonstrated that punters can contribute to their team’s offensive strategies.

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