Dive into a Realm of Dreams with Josh Jacobs Fantasy

Josh Jacobs Fantasy

When it comes to fantasy football, securing a dependable running back for your team can have a profound impact. One name that has been generating a lot of buzz in recent seasons is Josh Jacobs. In this article, we will explore the realm of Josh Jacobs’s fantasy football, examining his previous achievements, areas of expertise, drawbacks, predictions, and variables that can influence his fantasy value. Whether you are an experienced fantasy football enthusiast or a novice, comprehending the potential of Josh Jacobs can assist you in making well-informed choices for your team.

Josh Jacobs Fantasy

Josh Jacobs, a running back for the Las Vegas Raiders, was selected by the team in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Throughout his first three seasons, Jacobs has showcased his productivity, but he has yet to reach his full potential.

In 2022, Jacobs experienced a tale of two halves. He began the season strongly, accumulating 1,061 rushing yards and seven touchdowns in the first eight games. However, he struggled in the latter half, recording only 592 rushing yards and five touchdowns in the final eight games.

Josh Jacobs’s 2022 Season: A Tale of Two Halves:

During the initial eight games of the 2022 season, Jacobs performed exceptionally well, showcasing some of the best moments of his career. He averaged 132.6 rushing yards per game and 4.8 yards per carry, while also scoring seven touchdowns. This made him one of the most productive running backs in the NFL during that stretch.

However, Jacobs’s production significantly declined during the second half of the season. He averaged just 74.3 rushing yards per game and 3.8 yards per carry while scoring only five touchdowns. Consequently, he became one of the least productive running backs in the league during this period.

Several factors contributed to Jacobs’s decline in production during the latter half of the season. Firstly, he was dealing with a nagging ankle injury. Secondly, the Raiders’ offensive line faced struggles during that time. Lastly, the Raiders’ passing game became more effective, alleviating some of the pressure on Jacobs.

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What to Expect from Josh Jacobs in 2023?

Predicting Jacobs’s performance in 2023 is challenging. He possesses the potential to become a top-10 running back, but there is also the possibility of disappointment.

If Jacobs can maintain good health and the Raiders offensive line improves, he could have an outstanding year in 2023. With his talent and potential, Jacobs has the opportunity to thrive. However, his injury history poses a risk.

Josh Jacobs’s 2022 Season

Jacobs’s Stats in 2022

Rushing yards: 1,653 Rushing touchdowns: 12 Receiving yards: 400 Receiving touchdowns: 2 Total yards: 2,053 Total touchdowns: 14

Josh Jacobs’s Role in the Raiders Offense:

Jacobs is the starting running back for the Raiders and is considered a three-down back who excels in both rushing and receiving. He plays a significant role in the Raiders’ offense and is expected to maintain that role in 2023.

Josh Jacobs’s Health:

Although Jacobs has encountered some injury issues throughout his career, he has not suffered any major injuries. In 2020, he missed two games due to a shoulder injury, and in 2022, he missed two games due to an ankle injury. While his health is a concern, it has not been a significant hindrance thus far.

Josh Jacobs’s Upcoming Schedule:

The Raiders have a favorable schedule for running backs in 2023. They face teams that allow the most rushing yards per game more frequently and encounter those that allow the fewest rushing yards per game less frequently. This suggests that Jacobs will have ample opportunities to run the ball in 2023.

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Josh Jacobs’s Fantasy Outlook for 2023

Jacobs has the potential to be a top-10 running back in fantasy football for the upcoming season. He possesses the necessary talent, plays a crucial role in the offense, and benefits from a favorable schedule. However, his injury history does introduce some risks.

Josh Jacobs’s Fantasy Ceiling:

Jacobs’s fantasy ceiling is quite high. With his talent and the right circumstances, he has the potential to become a top-five running back in fantasy football. If he remains healthy and the Raiders offensive line improves, he could have an exceptional year in 2023.

Josh Jacobs’s Fantasy Floor:

Conversely, Jacobs’s fantasy floor is relatively lower. His injury history makes him a risk, and if he were to get injured, his fantasy performance could be disappointing.

Josh Jacobs’s Strengths as a Fantasy Player

Jacobs is a powerful runner who possesses good vision and elusiveness. He excels at breaking tackles and evading defenders in open space. Additionally, he is a capable receiver out of the backfield, which adds to his fantasy value. Jacobs has consistently produced over 1,000 rushing yards in each of his first three seasons.

Josh Jacobs’s Weaknesses as a Fantasy Player

Inconsistency has been a weak point for Jacobs throughout his career. While he has displayed moments of brilliance, he has also had games where he has been relatively ineffective. Furthermore, his injury proneness is a concern, as he has missed three games in each of the past two seasons.

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Josh Jacobs’s Fantasy Projections for 2023

Jacobs is projected to rush for 1,200 yards and eight touchdowns in the 2023 season. He is also expected to catch 40 passes for 300 yards and two touchdowns. Jacobs’s fantasy value will depend on the Raiders’ utilization of him in the passing game. If he becomes more involved as a receiver, he could have an outstanding season.

Fantasy Value in PPR Leagues

Jacobs holds higher fantasy value in PPR leagues due to his ability to catch passes out of the backfield. He is projected to score 250 PPR points in 2023, placing him as the 10th-best running back in the league.

Fantasy Value in Standard Leagues

In standard leagues, Jacobs’s fantasy value is slightly lower due to his lesser involvement in the receiving aspect of the game. He is projected to score 200 standard points in 2023, ranking him as the 15th-best running back in the league.

Fantasy Value in Dynasty Leagues

Jacobs is a valuable asset in dynasty leagues due to his age and potential. At just 25 years old, he has proven his ability to be a productive running back. Projected as a top-10 running back for the next several years, he is an attractive asset for dynasty owners.

Fantasy Trade Value

Currently, Jacobs’s fantasy trade value is around the 10th overall pick in a redraft league. This means that he could be traded for players of similar value, such as Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill, or Christian McCaffrey. Packaging Jacobs with another player or a draft pick could also be considered in trade negotiations.

Should You Draft Josh Jacobs in 2023?

Deciding whether to draft Josh Jacobs in 2023 depends on your team’s needs and your draft position. If you require a running back who can contribute in both rushing and receiving, Jacobs is a strong choice. However, if you seek a more consistent running back, exploring other options may be prudent.

Reasons to Draft Jacobs:

  • Jacobs is a talented running back with a proven track record of production.
  • He is a capable receiver out of the backfield, enhancing his fantasy value.
  • Jacobs is projected to be a top-10 running back in 2023.

Reasons to Avoid Drafting Jacobs:

  • Jacobs has displayed inconsistency throughout his career.
  • He has dealt with injury issues, missing multiple games in recent seasons.
  • Jacobs’s fantasy value depends on the Raiders

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Behold, in the realm of fantasy, a star emerges, shining brightly with talent and promise. Josh Jacobs, the name that echoes with hope, possesses an ethereal ability to soar among the coveted ranks of the top 10 fantasy players in this celestial year of 2023. Oh, how his destiny intertwines with the whims of the Raiders, for it is through their orchestration of his multifaceted prowess that his fantasy value shall be unveiled. In the realm of dreams and digital conquests, Josh Jacobs Fantasy shall bloom, captivating hearts and igniting passions with each mighty stride he takes on the hallowed turf. Like a celestial dancer, he weaves through defenses with grace and precision, leaving opponents in awe of his power and finesse. His footsteps, a thunderous symphony of determination and resilience, resonate through the night, a sweet melody that resonates in the souls of fantasy enthusiasts far and wide. For those who dare to embrace the enchantment of this realm, Josh Jacobs Fantasy shall be their beacon, their guiding star, leading them to triumph and eternal glory.


Is Josh Jacobs a good fantasy football option for PPR leagues?

Yes, Josh Jacobs has developed his pass-catching skills and can contribute in PPR leagues, making him a valuable option.

What are the chances of Josh Jacobs having another 1,000-yard rushing season?

Given his past performances and role as the lead running back, Josh Jacobs has a good chance of surpassing the 1,000-yard mark again.

How do injuries impact Josh Jacobs’ fantasy value?

Injuries can limit Jacobs’ playing time and overall production, making it important to assess the risk associated with his injury history.

What changes in the Raiders’ offensive scheme can affect Josh Jacobs’ fantasy value?

Any changes in offensive strategy that result in reduced usage or opportunities for Jacobs can impact his fantasy value.

How does Josh Jacobs compare to other top fantasy running backs?

Comparisons with other running backs should consider factors such as performance, workload, offensive support, and team situation to make accurate assessments.

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