Taylor Swift’s NFL Impact: Boosting Sales and Celebrity Buzz!

Swift also made a notable appearance in the Kelce family’s box during the Chiefs’ game against the Chicago Bears on September 24. Her presence at both games had a significant impact, leading to increased merchandise sales and higher viewership numbers.

taylor swift nfl impact sales celeb appearance

Following Swift‘s attendance at the September 24 Chiefs game, StubHub, a ticket resale platform, reported a remarkable 175% surge in ticket sales for the Chiefs-Jets matchup just three days later, as confirmed by a spokesperson for the company. Notably, nearly 20% of tickets for the October 1 game were sold on the night of Swift’s appearance.

Jason Kelce humorously remarked, “I think a few of them might have been there for Deadpool and Taylor,” alluding to Ryan Reynolds’ role in the “Deadpool” movies.

The Eagles player also pointed out that the NBA has mastered the art of handling celebrity attendance at sports events, suggesting that the NFL is still adapting to the idea. In contrast, basketball efficiently features celebrities courtside, briefly showcasing them before refocusing on the game.

Jason Kelce noted the NFL‘s tendency to emphasize the presence of A-list celebrities at games.

In addition to Swift’s repeated appearances at the games, the NFL actively promoted her attendance on various social media platforms.

The league temporarily updated its banner image on its X account, previously known as Twitter, with photos of the pop icon. However, it later switched the banner to promote an upcoming game.

The NFL also shared a video on its Instagram account, featuring Swift chatting with Lively at the game, captioned with “The @chiefs are 2-0 with @taylorswift in attendance.”

Travis Kelce expressed his belief that both football and Swift fans are currently abuzz with excitement. He initially discussed Swift’s presence at the Chiefs game in late September on his “New Heights” podcast, during a time when speculation about their dating status was rampant.

Travis Kelce commended Swift’s boldness in attending the game and mentioned that everyone in the suite had nothing but praise for her. He noted her stunning appearance and the positive impression she left on friends and family.

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