Seahawks’ Record-Breaking Defensive Showdown Stuns Giants

On Monday, at MetLife Stadium, the Seattle Seahawks dominated the New York Giants in a resounding 24-3 victory.

The Seahawks secured their triumph primarily through an exceptional defensive performance, culminating in a franchise record-tying 11 sacks, with an astounding 10 sacks delivered on Giants‘ quarterback Daniel Jones.

seahawks dominates giants metlife stadium

Linebacker Bobby Wagner spearheaded the Seattle defense, amassing 17 tackles and two sacks. Meanwhile, Jordyn Brooks, Devon Witherspoon, and Uchenna Nwosu contributed with two sacks each.

A standout moment in the game came from rookie cornerback Witherspoon, who intercepted Jones in the third quarter, returning it for a spectacular 97-yard touchdown. This play shifted what might have been a closely contested game into an uncontested victory for Seattle.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll commented, “We’re not a finished product; we’re just getting started. It’s truly exciting to be able to say that because what I’m most proud of is how we’ve performed in the second half over the last three weeks.”

Regarding Witherspoon, the No. 5 overall pick in this year’s NFL draft, Carroll added, “I never doubted he’d perform like this. This is why we drafted him—to be a dynamic and active player who understands the game of football. He’s explosive and a true game-changer.”

With this win, the Seahawks now stand at 3-1, heading into a bye week for Week 5, while the struggling Giants find themselves at 1-3, having led for a mere 19 seconds across all four games this season, as reported by ESPN.

Despite the remarkable defensive display, the Seahawks’ night was dampened by the loss of safety Jamal Adams, who, playing for the first time in 13 months after a quadriceps injury, suffered a concussion during the ninth play of the game. Carroll reassured, “He’s going to be okay. He got kicked in the head, and he’ll miss this game. But with the upcoming week off, he should recover well and return to the field. It’s just a minor setback.”

Seattle quarterback Geno Smith connected with DK Metcalf for a touchdown pass in the first quarter to initiate the scoring. Later, Noah Fant’s impressive 51-yard gain, breaking two tackles, set up a touchdown for Kenneth Walker III on the subsequent play.

Smith had a brief scare, injuring his knee in the first quarter while catching his own batted pass but returned in the second half. He noted that there was “some slight pain” but expressed relief that he “came out okay” after Isaiah Simmons’ tackle.

The Giants struggled offensively, limited to 248 total yards, and once again, their slow start proved costly as they were outscored 14-3 in the first half.

Giants’ head coach Brian Daboll informed the press, “We had a productive practice week, but despite our defense’s strong performance, we fell short of our goals. We also had too many penalties on special teams and failed to score on offense. We need to find ways to improve.”

Looking ahead, the Giants face two consecutive road games against the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills, while the Seahawks’ next matchup is against the Cincinnati Bengals on October 15.

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