Jets Star Player Corey Davis Drops Bombshell Decision! Fans and Teammates Stunned!

Responses from Jets representatives following Corey Davis‘ announcement of his intention to step away from football:

Statement from Robert Wood Johnson, Jets Chairman: “We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Corey Davis for his unwavering professionalism and commitment during his impactful two seasons with us. To Corey, Bailey, and their children, we convey our best wishes. Serving as a part of our team has been an honor we deeply cherish.”

corey davis surprise decision

Commentary by Joe Douglas, Jets General Manager: “Corey Davis epitomized the essence of a consummate professional both on and off the field. His exemplary work ethic provided our younger players with a valuable blueprint on how to approach each day with consistency and diligence. The privilege was ours to have him as a member of our ranks. As he steps into his new chapter, we send him our utmost well-wishes.”

Reflection by Robert Saleh, Jets Head Coach: “Coaching an individual like Corey Davis was an absolute pleasure. His tenacious spirit on the field was matched only by the positive impact he exuded within our locker room. Corey’s unwavering dedication and tireless efforts for the team are deeply appreciated. As he ventures forward, we hold nothing but the best aspirations for Corey’s future endeavors.”

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