Inside Source Breaks Silence on Trey Lance’s Mysterious Status!

49ers’ coach Kyle Shanahan maintained his silence when it became apparent that Trey Lance’s placement on the depth chart would be no higher than third. This responsibility fell to linebacker Fred Warner to address the matter with the press, during which he openly admitted his lack of insight.

49ers Trey Lance Mystery

Warner expressed, “To be completely honest, I’m not well-versed in the details of the situation. When I came out for practice, I noticed only three quarterbacks on the field. Trey was absent. Naturally, I inquired about what was happening, but a definite answer was elusive at the moment. Of course, I have great regard for Trey, but I’m unaware of his current status and what lies ahead.”

Thus, uncertainty prevails not only among reporters but also among fans and players alike. While the head coach and front office likely possess the necessary information, there appears to be an effort to find someone willing to provide insights regarding Lance. By keeping him off the practice field, it seems the 49ers are primarily focused on preventing any potential injury, especially considering his imminent departure from the team.

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