Shocking Neck Injury Double-Header Shakes Philadelphia Eagles Game – Players’ Mobility Miraculously Intact!

The Philadelphia Eagles have shared an update on the condition of their wide receiver Tyrie Cleveland and defensive lineman Moro Ojomo, both of whom experienced neck injuries during separate plays. This announcement was made on Thursday following the incident that took place in the Eagles’ NFL preseason home game against the Cleveland Browns.

eagles neck injury moro ojomo update

Cleveland encountered a challenging situation when he landed heavily on his head and neck while making a catch from quarterback Tanner McKee in the third quarter. Following this play, Cleveland remained on the field, lying on his stomach, as the team’s medical staff attended to him. The medical team eventually immobilized Cleveland on a stretcher and carefully transported him off the field. Team members from both sides gathered around the cart during this process.

The Eagles provided an update through social media, stating that Cleveland had sustained a neck injury and had maintained mobility in all his extremities despite the incident.

In a separate incident during the fourth quarter, Ojomo faced a similar situation. He was removed from the field on a stretcher after a collision in the neck area with his teammate Tristin McCollum as they attempted to tackle Browns quarterback Kellen Mond. Ojomo, who was selected by the Eagles in the seventh round of this year’s draft, managed to signal his well-being by giving a thumbs-up and waving as he was being transported off the field.

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The Eagles, through their social media platform, confirmed that Ojomo had also sustained a neck injury but retained movement in all extremities.

The game eventually concluded with a tied score of 18-18.

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