Jimmy Horn Jr.’s Inspiring Journey – You Won’t Believe His Family Connection!

jimmy horn jr inspiring journey family connection

If you’re familiar with Colorado Buffaloes wide receiver Jimmy Horn Jr., his name might ring a bell. That’s because, indeed, it is quite familiar.

Jimmy, originally from Sanford, Florida, attended Horn Seminole High School in his hometown. His father, Jimmy Horn Sr., shared with The Orlando Sentinel in December 2020 that Jimmy would become the first male in their family to attend college.

According to Horn Sr., he took on the role of raising Jimmy by himself, although he mentioned that Jimmy’s mother was nearby but focused on her other children. Horn Sr. stated, “I’ve aimed to secure his college education since his early elementary years. Once he sets foot on a college campus, my mission is accomplished.”

Unfortunately, Jimmy Horn Sr. is currently incarcerated and unable to witness his son’s football games, as reported by CBS News.

Following the Week 1 upset over TCU, Coach Deion Sanders received a phone call from Horn’s father. According to CBS, the young wide receiver conveyed his gratitude for Coach Prime, mentioning that he sees similarities between him and his own dad. Horn Jr. remarked, “Coach Prime strongly resembles my father in many ways. And when I heard them talk and my dad was really happy to talk to him, it meant a lot because he’s followed through on everything he promised.”

While Jimmy Horn Jr. is undoubtedly a talented football player, it’s important to note that he’s not a second-generation athlete related to former NFL star Joe Horn. If you assumed any familial connection between Jimmy and Joe Horn, you’d be mistaken.

Now that we’ve established Jimmy Horn Jr.’s family background, let’s shift our focus to the offspring of former NFL wide receiver Joe Horn.

Joe Horn has two sons who also pursued football careers: Jaycee and Joe Jr.

Jaycee currently plays as a cornerback for the Carolina Panthers, where he was selected as the eighth overall pick in the 2021 draft. In contrast, Joe Jr. went undrafted but later signed with the Baltimore Ravens as a free agent. He was waived by the team in 2019 and has been out of the sports scene since 2020.

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