Top 20 High Schools That Produce the Most NFL Players

In the world of American football, the journey from high school to the National Football League (NFL) is a dream shared by countless young athletes. While many high schools play a role in nurturing football talent, there are some that stand out as true powerhouses for producing NFL-caliber players. From coast to coast, these institutions have consistently molded athletes into stars who grace the NFL fields. Let’s take a closer look at some of these football factories and the legacy they’ve created.

Top 20 High Schools That Produce the Most NFL Players

Fork Union Military Academy (Fork Union, Virginia) — 67 Players

Fork Union Military Academy, located in Fork Union, Virginia, is not your typical high school. It combines high school education with a post-graduate path to college, resulting in a unique approach to player development. With an impressive 67 alumni donning NFL jerseys, Fork Union’s impact on the football world is undeniable. Notable figures such as Heisman winners Vinny Testaverde and Eddie George chose this educational route, dedicating five years to honing their skills before entering college.
The academy’s disciplined approach extends from the classroom to the football field. NFL stars like Plaxico Burress and Michael Thomas emerged from its ranks, underlining Fork Union’s profound influence. Its current count of 13 active NFL players stands as a testament to its commitment to nurturing both character and talent, shining brightly on the football stage.

Long Beach Poly (Long Beach, California) — 59 Players

Long Beach Poly in Long Beach, California, has earned the well-deserved moniker of the “Sports School of the Century.” The school’s incredible legacy is exemplified by its remarkable count of 59 alumni who have made their mark in the NFL. Long Beach Poly’s dedication to fostering extraordinary talent sets it apart as a true powerhouse in sports education.

Among the impressive lineup of NFL stars are DeSean Jackson, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Willie McGinest. Their collective contributions have helped secure 19 CIF-Southern Section championships for the school. In a testament to its impact, Long Beach Poly even surpasses several FBS programs in terms of NFL player production. The school’s influence reaches beyond football, with notable individuals like Tony Gwynn, Billie Jean King, Cameron Diaz, and Snoop Dogg tracing their roots back to its hallowed halls.

St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) — 44 Players

Fort Lauderdale’s St. Thomas Aquinas High School has earned a reputation as an NFL player factory. With an impressive roster of 44 alumni who have successfully transitioned to the NFL, this Catholic high school boasts the highest enrollment in the country. It has consistently cultivated some of South Florida’s finest talents, who seamlessly transition from the high school stage to the NFL spotlight.
Renowned names such as Michael Irvin, Geno Atkins, Joey Bosa, and Nick Bosa have all emerged from St. Thomas Aquinas, contributing to an impressive tally of 11 state championships and three national high school titles. The school’s remarkable achievement of having 15 current NFL players underscores its commitment to producing professional talent, even surpassing numerous Power 5 college programs.

Miami Northwestern (Miami, Florida) — 37 Players

Miami Northwestern Senior High School, located in the football-rich region of Miami, Florida, occupies a prestigious position for its role in nurturing NFL talents. The school’s NFL roster isn’t just limited to players; it also includes standout Pro Bowl performers like Amari Cooper and Lavonte David.
The school’s legacy also extends to recent first-round NFL picks such as Teddy Bridgewater and Artie Burns. Miami Northwestern’s football accomplishments are bolstered by its national championship titles. However, the school faced a controversy in 2006 involving a sex scandal cover-up, resulting in probation for the entire team.

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Susan Miller Dorsey (Los Angeles, California) — 36 Players

Susan Miller Dorsey High School in Los Angeles, California, boasts a rich NFL legacy rooted in its history. Despite its historical significance, the school maintains an active presence in the league with players like Marvin Hall and Jaydon Mickens. An illustrious alumnus, Keyshawn Johnson, further enhances Dorsey’s renown.
The school’s football program is renowned for producing talents like Chris Matthews, whose impactful performance in Super Bowl XLIX remains etched in memory. Beyond football, Dorsey’s influence extends to notable figures like Baseball Hall of Famer Sparky Anderson, MLB All-Star Chili Davis, and reality TV’s Judge Joe Brown.

St. Augustine (New Orleans, Louisiana) — 34 Players

St. Augustine, situated in New Orleans, Louisiana, boasts a significant football legacy, with 34 alumni leaving their mark in the NFL. The school offers an extended high school experience starting from the eighth grade and benefits from its proximity to LSU, attracting players who eventually make their mark in Tiger Stadium.

Distinguished individuals like Leonard Fournette and Tyrann Mathieu proudly represent both St. Augustine and LSU, solidifying the school’s position as a football powerhouse. Even a temporary closure after Hurricane Katrina couldn’t deter its legacy.

McKinley (Canton, Ohio) — 32 Players

Nestled in the heart of football heritage, McKinley High School in Canton, Ohio, shares a special connection with the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Located near the hallowed Hall of Fame Stadium, McKinley students experience football history in every short seven-minute bus ride from school to the stadium.
While no current NFL players trace their roots back to McKinley High, the school takes immense pride in its historical significance. Legends like Hall of Fame running back Marion Motley and accomplished Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels have emerged from McKinley’s halls, cementing its place as an enduring symbol of football excellence in Ohio.

DeMatha Catholic (Hyattsville, Maryland) — 32 Players

Situated in Hyattsville, Maryland, DeMatha Catholic stands out as a breeding ground for both NFL and NBA talents. Its corridors have witnessed the rise of NFL luminaries Brian Westbrook and Cameron Wake, along with NBA stars Victor Oladipo, Markelle Fultz, and Adrian Dantley.
The NFL legacy at DeMatha dates back to 1968, with Garrett Ford and Brendan McCarthy emerging as the school’s first NFL prospects. Notably, DeMatha’s reputation as a premier pipeline to the NFL stands out, producing twice the number of NFL players compared to any other high school in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

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Hargrave Military Academy (Chatham, Virginia) — 32 Players

Nestled in Chatham, Virginia, Hargrave Military Academy boasts a distinguished history of NFL talent. Originally hosting a post-graduate football program in the 1990s, the academy transitioned to a varsity team after discontinuing the program in 2013.

Renowned wide receiver Torry Holt stands as the most illustrious NFL alumnus of Hargrave, while the academy’s forte lies in developing defensive prowess. An impressive 24 out of 32 NFL players from Hargrave have honed their skills on the defensive side of the field. The school’s legacy continues, with the most recent 15 Hargrave alumni in the NFL excelling in defensive positions, including present-day linebackers Leonard Floyd and Zach Brown.

Glenville High School (Cleveland, Ohio) — 27 Players

Glenville High School in Cleveland, Ohio, has earned a reputation for producing top-tier college quarterbacks. Notable alumni include Heisman winner Troy Smith, Cardale Jones, Marshon Lattimore, and Ted Ginn Jr. The school’s influence extends beyond quarterbacks, with standout lineman Bruce Armstrong earning six Pro Bowl selections in the 1990s.

Glenville’s legacy encompasses a diverse range of NFL talent emerging from the school, reflecting its commitment to shaping well-rounded players.

Miami Central High School (Miami, Florida) — 27 Players

Miami Central High School in Florida has earned the title of “Running Back High” due to its impressive lineage of NFL running backs. Notable NFL players from Central include Willis McGahee, Devonta Freeman, Dalvin Cook, and Travaris Cadet. The school’s focus on producing running back talent is its hallmark, although Bruce Armstrong stands as an exception as a former Pro Bowl lineman.
While Central’s emphasis on running backs is undeniable, its influence on the NFL extends beyond its running back legacy.

Abraham Lincoln High School (San Diego, California) — 25 Players

Abraham Lincoln High School in San Diego, California, boasts an impressive roster of NFL alumni, including two Hall of Fame running backs: Marcus Allen and Terrell Davis. Despite a recent absence of active NFL players, the school’s star-studded alumni list remains unparalleled. Lincoln High also produced six-time Pro Bowl defensive back Dave Grayson and the infamous Akili Smith.

The introduction of academic requirements in 2007-08 may contribute to the gap in recent NFL representation.

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Longview High School (Longview, Texas) — 25 Players

Located in Longview, Texas, Longview High School stands out despite its modest city size. The school has produced an impressive 23 NFL players, contributing to its reputation as a football powerhouse. Remarkably, Longview has maintained a continuous presence in the NFL since 1995, including current players like Travin Howard and Pete Robertson.

Longview’s legacy stretches back decades, with players like Travin Howard and Pete Robertson continuing the tradition of NFL representation from this small Texan city.

Ball High School (Galveston, Texas) — 25 Players

With a history dating back to 1884, Ball High School in Galveston, Texas, has cultivated a diverse range of NFL talents. Among its notable graduates are Mike Evans, a prominent wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Casey Hampton, a stalwart defensive tackle. Ball High’s contributions to the NFL have persevered despite challenges such as rising real estate costs impacting the local community.
While Ball High’s NFL presence has been limited in recent years, its legacy endures, with past alumni leaving their mark on the league.

South Oak Cliff High School (Dallas, Texas) — 25 Players

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, South Oak Cliff High School makes a significant impact on the NFL landscape. Despite a portion of its NFL alumni participating during the 1987 strike as “scab players,” the school boasts notable talents like Harvey Martin, a Super Bowl MVP, and a four-time Pro Bowler. Notably, basketball Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman also attended South Oak, highlighting the school’s multi-sport success.
Despite the presence of scab players, South Oak Cliff takes immense pride in its standout athletes, emphasizing Martin’s achievements and its role in shaping various NFL talents.

In the realm of American football, these high schools have left an indelible mark by consistently producing top-tier talent that goes on to shine in the NFL. From fostering character to honing skills, these institutions exemplify the dedication and commitment required to shape the football stars of tomorrow.

Junipero Serra High School (Gardena, California) — 25 Players

Gardena’s Junipero Serra High School in California has built a formidable reputation for producing NFL-caliber talent. With a history dating back to 1950, the school has nurtured 25 alumni who have made their mark on the NFL. Notably, Junipero Serra High School produced standout players like Tom Brady, the legendary quarterback with multiple Super Bowl victories.

Junipero Serra’s football legacy extends beyond the NFL, with numerous players making their presence felt at collegiate and professional levels.

North Shore High School (Houston, Texas) — 24 Players

Houston’s North Shore High School has cemented its place as a football powerhouse, producing an impressive roster of 24 NFL alumni. The school’s commitment to cultivating talent is evident in the success of players like Earl Thomas, a prominent safety with a Super Bowl ring to his name.

North Shore’s influence extends beyond its NFL representation, contributing significantly to Texas’ vibrant football culture.

De La Salle High School (Concord, California) — 23 Players

De La Salle High School in Concord, California, has garnered attention for its consistent production of NFL talent. Despite a relatively small roster, the school boasts 23 alumni who have succeeded at the highest level of American football. The school’s legacy is further enriched by players like Maurice Jones-Drew, who made a significant impact in the NFL as a dynamic running back.

De La Salle’s commitment to athletic excellence has contributed to its reputation as a football factory.

Colton High School (Colton, California) — 22 Players

Colton High School in Colton, California, has quietly forged a path as a significant contributor to the NFL player pool. With an impressive roster of 22 alumni making their mark in the league, the school’s impact on American football cannot be underestimated. Notable names like Jimmy Smith, a standout wide receiver, have solidified Colton’s legacy.

Colton’s NFL representation showcases the talent nurtured within its halls.

Crenshaw High School (Los Angeles, California) — 21 Players

Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles, California, rounds out the list with its impressive contribution to the NFL. With 21 alumni gracing NFL fields, the school’s influence in the football world is evident. Players like Marques Johnson, a talented wide receiver, have emerged from Crenshaw’s ranks to succeed in professional football.

Crenshaw’s legacy as a provider of NFL-caliber talent underscores its dedication to nurturing skilled athletes.

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