Shocking 2023 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings Revealed: Who Claims the Top Spot?

Anticipation runs high every year as we gear up for our fantasy football drafts, whether in person or online. Engaging in playful banter, crowning a new champion, and sharing a laugh at the expense of the last-place squads all contribute to the excitement. Prior to the draft, it’s crucial to have a strategy in place and be well-acquainted with your fellow league members and settings. One enjoyable method of preparation involves perusing rankings lists and measuring them against your own. Presented below are my top ten quarterback rankings for the upcoming 2023 season.

Ranking the Best Fantasy Football Quarterbacks for 2023

fantasy football quarterback rankings

Patrick Mahomes

In 2023, it comes as no surprise that Patrick Mahomes holds the pinnacle position in the fantasy football quarterback rankings. Even in the absence of his teammate Tyreek Hill during the previous season, Mahomes achieved a career-high of 5,250 passing yards, delivering 41 touchdowns and clinching his second Super Bowl triumph. There’s no doubt that Mahomes should be the first quarterback selected in any fantasy football league.

Josh Allen

Standing tall at 6 feet 5 inches and weighing 240 pounds, Buffalo Bills leader Josh Allen stands as one of the most dominant quarterbacks in the NFL. Although Allen’s passing yards experienced a slight decrease in the previous season, this decrease was accompanied by a reduction of 79 pass attempts. Allen’s unique quality lies in his rushing prowess—he was a single yard short of his career high, amassing 762 rushing yards last season. Given his sturdy physique, he consistently presents a strong chance for rushing touchdowns, having never scored fewer than six in a season. Coach McDermott expressed the desire for Allen to run less this season to prevent injuries, but only time will tell if that materializes.

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott’s career has been marked by fluctuations, and the previous season was no exception. Prescott played twelve games and threw fifteen interceptions. Despite losing Kellen Moore as their offensive coordinator, the Cowboys gained a valuable asset in Brandin Cooks during the offseason. Prescott’s synergy with Ceedee Lamb establishes a formidable quarterback-wide receiver duo for fantasy football enthusiasts. If Prescott maintains his health, this could be a year of resurgence for him. With a current average draft position of #84, Prescott represents an ideal candidate for those who prefer to delay quarterback selection and focus on bolstering other positions.

Justin Herbert

When evaluating Justin Herbert for this year’s fantasy drafts, it’s imperative to cast aside last year’s performance. This principle holds true not only in life but also in the realm of fantasy football. Justin Herbert’s present and future prospects appear promising. With restored health and Kellen Moore as his offensive coordinator, an exciting offensive scheme is in the works, pairing Herbert’s skill with a talented offense guided by a coordinator who values forward passes. A resurgence is expected from Herbert this season; his injuries from last season curtailed his rushing capacity, but his rookie year showcased his potential for five rushing touchdowns, a facet that his new offensive coordinator can help him unlock.

Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson is absolutely essential for any fantasy football roster this season. Boasting an average draft position of 82 in a 12-team quarterback league, he stands as a top choice for a good reason. Supported by one of the NFL’s strongest offensive lines, a dependable array of receivers, and Nick Chubb in the backfield, Watson is primed for success. His impressive rushing abilities further enhance his competitive edge. Investing in Watson is a decision that requires no contemplation; those who pass up on this opportunity may live to regret it.

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Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts blazed through his second season like a heat-seeking missile, securing a high position in the fantasy football quarterback rankings. With the Eagles strategically equipping him with A.J. Brown and Devonta Smith, Hurts quickly made his mark. Notably, he not only demonstrated his throwing proficiency but also tallied an impressive thirteen rushing touchdowns, second only to Cam Newton for the most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in a season. While replicating such numbers in 2023 might be challenging, the realm of possibilities extends to eight to ten rushing touchdowns within this potent offense.

Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence’s rookie season in 2022, following the challenges of the Urban Meyer era, essentially served as his redshirt year. Demonstrating significant progress for fantasy owners, Lawrence increased his passing yards by 472 and reduced his interception percentage by 50%. Passing touchdowns also doubled from 12 to 25. Nevertheless, addressing fumbling issues remains imperative, given his nine lost fumbles in the past year, nearly double the figure from his rookie season. Supported by the Jags coaching staff and now bolstered by Calvin Ridley, Lawrence stands as a solid choice with an average draft position of 55 for those seeking a later quarterback pick.

Justin Fields

As an exceptional dual-threat quarterback, Justin Fields has already accumulated over 1,100 rushing yards in his promising career. A shrewd acquisition of DJ Moore from the Panthers in March complements the team’s strategic moves. Fields needs to amplify his passing attempts to elevate his game, as his average of 21 attempts per game last season falls short. Factors like a lack of offensive weapons and concerns about pass-blocking contributed to this. However, Fields, alongside the coaching staff, has devoted effort to addressing these concerns during training camp and the offseason. This progress underscores the confidence in Fields’ potential. Feel confident in selecting Fields during your fantasy drafts.

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Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow showcased his enduring prowess last season by dispelling notions of a sophomore slump and evading the Super Bowl hangover. His pass attempts increased from 520 to 606 between 2021 and 2022. Despite slight declines in his numbers, factors like injuries to his supporting cast played a role. While not renowned for rushing abilities, Burrow managed five rushing touchdowns and his highest yardage (257) since entering the league. Notably, a training camp calf injury raises awareness, as soft tissue issues can prove troublesome. Burrow’s exceptional talent remains undiminished, but health uncertainties contributed to his relative placement in these fantasy football quarterback rankings.

Lamar Jackson

After enduring years of frustration, Lamar Jackson now enjoys enhanced offensive weaponry and an improved offensive coordinator. Injuries and a predictable offensive strategy marred Jackson’s last two seasons. Doubts about his future with the Ravens were dispelled by the acquisition of Odell Beckham and the selection of Zay Flowers. Collaborating with offensive coordinator Todd Mocken, Jackson’s potential to surpass his 2019 MVP season has been rekindled. Provided he maintains his health, Jackson could emerge as a valuable asset for your fantasy squad.

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