The NFL Stardom of Former Auburn Sensation Tank Bigsby and His Surprising College Football Successor!

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Former Auburn running back Tank Bigsby is widely regarded as one of the most exceptional backs in the history of Tiger football.

Now a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Bigsby has continued to display his impressive skills in NFL preseason games, reminiscent of his time at Auburn – consistently breaking tackles and eluding defenders, whether in the backfield or on the field’s edges.

Many fans believe that Bigsby’s true potential remained untapped during his tenure at The Plains, largely due to the coaching staff’s inability to fully utilize his talents.

The offensive line support was often lacking, and in Bryan Harsin’s inaugural season at Auburn, Bigsby did not receive the number of touches he rightfully deserved.

During and after Harsin’s tenure, several players opted to enter the transfer portal, dispersing to various college football programs.

One such player found a new home with Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes, and he’s currently flourishing in a new role as a speedy wide receiver – Tar’Varish Dawson.

Dawson, much like Bigsby, seemed to face challenges stemming from underutilization. However, the key distinction between the two is that Bigsby managed to secure playing time, while Dawson had only two receptions and two rush attempts during his two seasons with the Tigers.

In just two games with the Buffaloes, Dawson has already recorded six receptions for 50 yards and scored a touchdown.

Following Tar’Varish’s touchdown against Nebraska on a Saturday afternoon, Tank Bigsby took to social media to comment on Dawson’s remarkable play.

“His talent has always been there; we just didn’t fully harness it,” Bigsby stated in an Instagram story post celebrating Dawson’s touchdown.

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