Dallas Cowboys Eyeing Kyle Pitts Trade: Game-Changer for 2023

The Dallas Cowboys are currently grappling with difficulties when it comes to reaching the end zone, leading some analysts to ponder whether the solution to their woes might be found outside of their current roster. Renowned former NFL quarterback, now ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III, is advocating for the Cowboys to consider a high-profile trade for Falcons’ tight end, Kyle Pitts.

During the September 25, 2023 edition of “Monday Night Countdown,” Griffin elaborated on his perspective: “At this juncture, if I were with the Cowboys, it’s evident that they lack a game-changing tight end. They boast the necessary talent on the perimeter, but that critical tight-end position is what’s eluding them. I’d be actively pursuing a deal with the Atlanta Falcons to acquire Kyle Pitts.”

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He emphasized the necessity of securing a player like Pitts, stating, “They require a player of his caliber to discover an advantage in the red zone.”

Pitts’ utilization by the Falcons has raised questions since he was selected as the fourth overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft, making him the highest-drafted tight end in NFL history. His involvement has significantly declined since his remarkable rookie season, with just 9 receptions for 100 yards in the first three games of the current season. Notably, Pitts is still in search of his first touchdown this season. He is under contract for two more seasons, with a four-year, $32 million rookie deal, and the potential for Atlanta to exercise his fifth-year option in 2025.

Nonetheless, the Cowboys’ ongoing struggles in the red zone might be attributed to several factors, including a lack of scoring options, player execution, or perhaps uninspiring play-calling. Their current starting tight end, Jake Ferguson, has performed credibly this season, tallying 10 receptions for 70 yards and a touchdown.

While Pitts would undoubtedly represent a significant upgrade for Dallas, there is no indication that Atlanta is willing to part with the talented tight end. It’s worth noting that two seasons ago, during his rookie campaign in 2021, Pitts recorded an impressive 68 receptions for 1,026 yards and one touchdown. Despite this, he hasn’t been a prolific red zone threat, with only three career touchdowns to his name thus far.

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