Kirk Cousins Shines Despite Vikings’ Loss – Analysts Weigh In!

Despite the Minnesota Vikings‘ loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday Night Football, the Prime Video panel of analysts did not place the blame on Vikings QB Kirk Cousins.

Cousins had an impressive performance in the 34-28 defeat, completing 31 of 44 passes for 364 yards and four touchdowns, distributing two to TJ Hockenson and one each to Jordan Addison and KJ Osborn.

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Throughout his career, Cousins has often faced criticism for his performance in primetime games. However, in the postgame analysis, renowned figures like Richard Sherman, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Andrew Whitworth were quick to highlight the positive aspects of the Vikings’ quarterback.

Instead, they attributed the loss to issues with the Vikings’ offensive line, a lackluster running game, and a persistent problem with turnovers.

Sherman expressed his frustration, stating, “It’s frustrating because people are going to point fingers at Kirk Cousins,” but he also praised Cousins for his precise passes and timely deliveries, noting Observers noted Cousins’ precision in passing, skillfully threading the needle and consistently delivering well-timed throws.”

Whitworth, a former offensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams, emphasized the dominance of the opposing defensive line over Cousins’ offensive line. He marveled at Cousins’ ability to perform well despite the adversity, saying, “His O-line got dominated… it was impressive how much [Cousins] could accomplish given the circumstances. You look at the turnover statistics in every game, and with as many turnovers as this, winning becomes a challenge. Kirk can’t do it all; they need to improve their running game, and the offensive line must step up.”

Former quarterbacks from Washington and Miami, Fitzpatrick, acknowledged the relentless pressure from the Eagles’ defensive line on Cousins. He praised Cousins for his resilience in the pocket, especially towards the end of the game when he delivered those crucial touchdowns, describing it as “extra impressive.”

In summary, despite the Vikings’ loss, Kirk Cousins received praise from the panel of analysts who recognized his exceptional performance and attributed the defeat to other team shortcomings, such as the offensive line’s struggles and turnovers.

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