Secret to Revive the Dallas Cowboys’ Offense: CeeDee Lamb’s Hidden Potential Revealed!

dallas cowboys ceedee lamb offensive revival
dallas cowboys ceedee lamb offensive revival

Listing all the issues with the Dallas Cowboys offense would be a lengthy task. Even though the San Francisco 49ers have an outstanding defense, Dallas’ offensive struggles were evident before their Week 5 loss.

One straightforward improvement would be to increase CeeDee Lamb’s involvement. However, Lamb has been largely ineffective in the past three games, and his frustration became evident when he expressed it away from the Cowboys bench. This frustration isn’t solely about his personal production but reflects the collective offensive struggles.

Lamb is aware that he could make a difference, especially when he’s only receiving an average of six targets per game in the last three weeks. Jerry Jones, on the other hand, prefers more equal distribution among the team’s pass-catchers, which might not help Lamb’s mood.

While it’s essential to have distribution in a successful offense, other teams manage to distribute the ball and still give their top receiver a substantial number of targets. Lamb is an excellent route runner, ranking sixth in separation percentage against single coverage among qualified wide receivers.

Despite this, he has received fewer targets this season than some less prominent receivers. In his recent three games, Lamb’s performance has been lackluster compared to his standout games in the past.

One notable example was in Week 2 when Lamb excelled with 11 catches for 143 yards on 13 targets. Mike McCarthy utilized Lamb’s versatility effectively in that game, contributing to Dak Prescott’s best passing performance of the season.

In conclusion, it seems questionable for Jerry Jones to suggest that Dallas’ offense needs less CeeDee Lamb, given the potential he brings to the team.

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