Where Did Jalen Hurts Go to College? A Journey Through Crimson and Crimson and Sooner Stripes

Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts, the electrifying quarterback currently leading the charge for the Philadelphia Eagles, has a college football past as intricate and storied as any. His journey is not one defined by a single jersey or fanbase, but rather a remarkable tale of two programs, each etched in his path to NFL stardom. So, where did Jalen Hurts go to college? Buckle up, because this story takes us through the heart of Alabama’s crimson tide and the electric atmosphere of Oklahoma’s Sooner pride.

The Alabama Era (2016-2018): A Freshman Phenom and Record-Breaking Wins

Hurts’ college career began in 2016, not with a bang, but with a roar. As a freshman at the University of Alabama, he stepped onto the hallowed Bryant-Denny Stadium turf and immediately made his mark. He led the Crimson Tide to a national championship victory in his freshman year, becoming the first true freshman quarterback to do so in the history of the College Football Playoff era. The accolades rolled in: SEC Freshman of the Year, two national championship appearances, and a staggering 26-2 record as a starter. Hurts was poised to be the face of Alabama football for years to come.

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A Fork in the Road: Seeking New Horizons

Yet, fate had other plans. In 2018, the arrival of another talented quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, forced Hurts to make a tough decision. He chose to chase his own destiny, transferring to the University of Oklahoma for his senior season. This wasn’t just a change of scenery; it was a leap of faith, a chance to prove himself outside the shadow of Tuscaloosa.

The Oklahoma Odyssey: Sooner Spotlight and Heisman Contention

Oklahoma embraced Hurts with open arms, and he responded in kind. He lit up the Big 12 conference with his dual-threat brilliance, racking up statistics that cemented his place among the nation’s elite quarterbacks. He led the Sooners to a Big 12 championship and a College Football Playoff appearance, narrowly missing out on Heisman Trophy contention. Oklahoma fans fell in love with his leadership, his work ethic, and his infectious enthusiasm. He wasn’t just a quarterback; he was a Sooner through and through.

Beyond College: Drafted by the Eagles and Proving His Doubters Wrong

The NFL draft in 2020 saw Hurts land in Philadelphia, a city with a storied football tradition and a ravenous fanbase. Some questioned the pick, whispering doubts about his ability to translate his college success to the professional level. But Hurts, true to form, silenced the doubters. He earned the starting job in his second season and led the Eagles to a surprise playoff berth, showcasing his dynamic playmaking ability and unwavering leadership.

The Future Unfolds: Super Bowl Aspirations and a Legacy in the Making

Today, Jalen Hurts stands as a beacon of hope for the Philadelphia Eagles and an inspiration for young athletes everywhere. His journey, forged in the fires of both Alabama and Oklahoma, has shaped him into a quarterback of exceptional talent and unwavering resolve. With Super Bowl aspirations and a growing list of accolades, Hurts is still writing his story, one electrifying pass and gritty scramble at a time.


Jalen Hurts’ college journey is not just about where he went, but about the impact he left on both Alabama and Oklahoma. In Tuscaloosa, he’s remembered as a national champion, a record-breaking leader, and a cornerstone in an era of Crimson Tide dominance. At Oklahoma, he’s celebrated as a savior, a Heisman contender, and the quarterback who revitalized Sooner hopes. His legacy transcends geographical boundaries, reminding us that true greatness shines wherever opportunity calls.


Which college was more successful for Jalen Hurts?

Hurts achieved statistical success at Oklahoma, with higher passing and rushing yards, while leading the Sooners to a conference championship and College Football Playoff appearance. However, his national championship wins and overall winning record came during his time at Alabama. Ultimately, his success at both universities speaks to his talent and adaptability.

Was Jalen Hurts drafted high in the NFL Draft?

Despite his college accomplishments, Hurts was drafted in the second round by the Philadelphia Eagles. Some teams hesitated due to concerns about his arm strength and fit in the NFL. However, he has since proven his doubters wrong by becoming a successful starting quarterback.

What are Jalen Hurts’ strengths and weaknesses as a quarterback?

Hurts’ strengths include his dual-threat ability, strong leadership, and exceptional pocket awareness. His weaknesses were initially thought to be his arm strength and accuracy, but he has steadily improved these areas in the NFL.

What are Jalen Hurts’ future NFL prospects?

Hurts has shown the potential to be a franchise quarterback in the NFL. He has all the tools to succeed, with a growing skillset and a winning mentality. His future depends on continued development and building upon the Eagles’ recent playoff success.

Is Jalen Hurts the most accomplished player to have played for both Alabama and Oklahoma?

While Hurts enjoyed success at both universities, other players have achieved even greater individual accolades while playing for both programs. Notably, running back Shaun Alexander won the Heisman Trophy at Alabama and later became an NFL Pro Bowl selection while playing for the Oklahoma Sooners.

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