What NFL Teams Don’t Have Cheerleaders in 2024?

For many, the NFL experience isn’t complete without the dazzling smiles and high-kicking routines of cheerleaders. They energize the stadium, pump up the crowd, and offer a spectacle intertwined with the gridiron action. But surprisingly, not every NFL team boasts a cheerleading squad on the sidelines. Eight teams proudly buck the trend, relying solely on the roar of the fans to fuel their home-field advantage. So, which teams march to the beat of a different drum (or whistle)? Why did they ditch the pom-poms? And does the absence of cheerleaders affect the game-day atmosphere? Let’s dive into the fascinating world of NFL teams without cheerleaders.

What NFL Teams Don't Have Cheerleaders
What NFL Teams Don’t Have Cheerleaders

NFL Teams Without Cheerleaders 2024

Buffalo BillsBuffalo, NYDisbanded their “Windy City Cheerleaders” in 2003, prioritizing fan engagement and community spirit.
Chicago BearsChicago, ILNever officially had a cheerleading squad, the “Dawg Pound” section serves as the unofficial cheering force.
Cleveland BrownsCleveland, OHBriefly had a squad from 1967-1988, currently collaborates with college cheerleaders for unofficial performances.
Green Bay PackersGreen Bay, WINever had a squad, emphasized focus on the game and raw passion of the fans.
New York GiantsEast Rutherford, NJNever had a squad, that aligns with their tough image and focus on pure football and fan support.
Los Angeles ChargersInglewood, CABriefly had the “Chargerettes” from 1967-1972, prefer traditional game-day experience driven by fan energy.
Pittsburgh SteelersPittsburgh, PANever had a squad, that aligns with their tough image and focuses on pure football and fan support.
Washington CommandersLandover, MDDisbanded their “Redskins Cheerleaders” in 2022, currently exploring alternative forms of game-day entertainment.
NFL Teams Without Cheerleaders 2024

It’s important to note that the Washington Commanders, previously known as the Redskins, recently disbanded their cheerleading squad and are currently exploring alternative forms of game-day entertainment. They may join or re-join the ranks of teams without cheerleaders in the future.

nfl teams without cheerleaders 2024
NFL Teams Without Cheerleaders 2024

The Buffalo Bills stand out for never having a cheerleading squad, ever. It might seem peculiar in today’s NFL landscape, but the tradition runs deep. From the team’s inception in 1960, the focus has been solely on the on-field action. Bills fans, known for their die-hard loyalty and passionate tailgating, are considered the true cheerleaders, creating an electric atmosphere without additional dancers. Who needs sequins when you have face paint and the “Shout!” chant echoing through the stands?

The Chicago Bears enjoyed a brief cheerleading stint from 1985 to 2003, known as the “Windy City Cheerleaders.” However, they were disbanded due to declining popularity and changing team ownership. Since then, the Bears have embraced the tradition of their dedicated fanbase, fostering a close-knit community where the cheers originate from the heart of the stands. Think of it as an authentic, organic energy, fueled by die-hard Bears supporters who bleed blue and orange.

The Cleveland Browns hold a unique distinction: not only do they lack a cheerleading squad, but they’ve never officially had one. Unlike other teams who disbanded their squads, the Browns simply never adopted the practice. Instead, the iconic “Dawg Pound” section serves as the team’s unofficial cheering force, renowned for their passionate chants and unwavering dedication. It’s a testament to the power of fan engagement, proving that cheers don’t require choreographed routines to ignite the stadium.

how many nfl teams don't have cheerleaders
how many NFL teams don’t have cheerleaders?

The Green Bay Packers’ story is a bit more nuanced. They had a cheerleading squad from 1967 to 1988, but it was disbanded due to concerns about professionalism and distractions. However, the Packers haven’t entirely abandoned the idea. Since 1992, they’ve unofficially collaborated with collegiate cheerleading squads from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and St. Norbert College to perform at Lambeau Field. This unique “partnership” showcases local talent while honoring the tradition of a more subdued game-day experience.

The New York Giants, much like the Bills, have never had an official cheerleading squad. The tradition dates back to the team’s founding in 1925, emphasizing a focus on the game itself and the raw passion of the fans. While some might view it as outdated, Giants fans fiercely defend their unique tradition, priding themselves on creating an intense and focused atmosphere without the distraction of cheerleaders.

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The Los Angeles Chargers join the ranks of teams without cheerleaders. They briefly had a squad from 1967 to 1972, known as the “Chargerettes,” but the experiment didn’t resonate with the fanbase. Since then, the Chargers have opted for a more traditional game-day experience, where the energy comes directly from the fans. In the city of glitz and glam, this decision prioritizes raw athleticism and pure football excitement.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, known for their tough-nosed and traditional image, have never had a cheerleading squad. This aligns with their blue-collar, hard-working persona, where the focus is on the physicality of the game and the unwavering support of the “Steel Curtain” fanbase. It’s a testament to the power of tradition and a unique interpretation of what constitutes an electrifying game-day experience.

The question of whether cheerleaders enhance or detract from the game-day experience is subjective and sparks passionate debate. Some argue that cheerleaders add excitement and visual entertainment, keeping the crowd engaged during lulls in the action. They point to the high-energy routines, vibrant costumes, and infectious enthusiasm as key contributors to a celebratory atmosphere.

However, proponents of teams without cheerleaders highlight the raw, organic energy generated by the fans themselves. They believe the cheers, chants, and spontaneous reactions create a more authentic and passionate atmosphere, directly tied to the emotions of the game. Additionally, some argue that cheerleaders can be seen as objectifying and exploitative, particularly due to past controversies concerning work conditions and compensation.

It’s worth noting that these teams without cheerleaders often employ other forms of entertainment to keep the crowd engaged. From mascots and fan contests to in-stadium music and special effects, various elements contribute to a dynamic game-day experience. Ultimately, the success of these alternative forms of entertainment relies heavily on audience participation and engagement.

The decision to embrace or forego cheerleaders reflects a balance between tradition and evolution. Teams like the Bills and Giants hold onto their long-standing traditions, priding themselves on a unique game-day experience centered on pure football and fan involvement. In contrast, teams like the Chargers and Steelers prioritize a more modern approach, focusing on alternative forms of entertainment and fan engagement.

The beauty of the NFL lies in its diverse landscape. Each team has its own history, traditions, and approach to game-day entertainment. Whether you crave the dazzling routines of cheerleaders or the raw energy of an entirely fan-driven atmosphere, there’s an NFL team out there that caters to your preference.


In conclusion, the absence of cheerleaders in some NFL teams isn’t a mere aesthetic choice; it reflects deeper philosophical and historical roots. While the topic sparks debate, it ultimately comes down to individual preferences and what constitutes an engaging game-day experience. Whether you find yourself cheering alongside choreographed routines or reveling in the unbridled passion of the stands, remember: the joy of the NFL extends far beyond the presence or absence of pom-poms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do any other professional sports leagues lack cheerleaders?

While less common, other professional sports leagues like Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League also have teams without official cheerleading squads.

Are there any plans for these teams to introduce cheerleaders in the future?

There’s no definitive answer. Some teams, like the Buffalo Bills, have explicitly stated their intention to remain cheerless, while others haven’t publicly addressed the possibility.

Do the players on these teams have any opinions on the absence of cheerleaders?

Player opinions vary. Some appreciate the focus on the game itself, while others might miss the added energy and support that cheerleaders can bring.

How do these teams compare in terms of fan engagement and attendance?

Cheerleader presence doesn’t necessarily correlate with fan engagement or attendance. Each team has its unique strategies and traditions that cultivate passionate fan bases.

What are the pros and cons of having cheerleaders in professional sports?

The pros include added entertainment, crowd engagement, and potentially increased sponsorship opportunities. Cons might include objectification, exploitation, and potential distractions for players and fans.

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