What is the Song on the New NFL Commercial?

If you’ve found yourself nodding your head or tapping your foot to the beat of the latest NFL commercial, you’re not alone. The power of a catchy tune can elevate a commercial from forgettable to memorable. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of advertising, music selection, and the recent NFL commercial that has everyone asking, “What is that song?”

What is the Song on the New NFL Commercial

What is the Song on the New NFL Commercial?

The NFL, with its electrifying gridiron action and larger-than-life personalities, constantly keeps us glued to the screen. But beyond the touchdowns and tackles, another element captivates our attention: the music.

Whether it’s a heart-pounding anthem that pumps up the adrenaline or a soulful melody that tugs at our emotions, the right song can elevate an NFL commercial to legendary status. But what happens when a new commercial airs, and you find yourself humming the tune long after the last frame fades? You’re left with a burning question: what is the song on the new NFL commercial?

Fear not, football fanatics! This guide will equip you with the tools to uncover the soundtrack behind your NFL commercial mystery.

Deciphering the Clues

Before diving into the investigative world of commercial music, gather some intel:

  • When did you see the commercial? Knowing the date or timeframe narrows down the search considerably.
  • What was the commercial about? Was it promoting a specific game, team, or product? This information can often lead to official NFL channels or the brand’s website, where they might list the commercial music.
  • Can you recall any lyrics or specific aspects of the song? Genre, mood, and even a snippet of the melody can be valuable clues.

Shazam to the Rescue:

This handy app is your first line of defense. Open Shazam while the commercial airs or hum the tune into the app, and it will work its magic to identify the song (if available).

Social Media Sleuthing

Head to the NFL’s official social media pages, particularly Twitter and Instagram. Often, they’ll tweet or post about a new commercial, including details like the featured song. Similarly, check the brand’s social media presence, as they might reveal the music choice.

Website Wisdom

NFL.com and the brand’s website are treasure troves of information. Search for the specific commercial or browse their commercial galleries. Sometimes, they’ll list the music credits alongside the video.

Commercial Breakdowns

Several websites and YouTube channels specialize in breaking down NFL commercials, providing analysis and behind-the-scenes details. These channels often mention the featured music, so do a quick search based on the commercial’s description.

The Power of the Crowd

Don’t underestimate the collective knowledge of the NFL community! Share a clip of the commercial or describe the song on forums like Reddit or dedicated NFL fan pages. With a bit of luck, a fellow fan might recognize the tune and share its name.

Beyond the Basics

If the above methods prove unsuccessful, consider these advanced tactics:

Contact the NFL directly: Their customer service team might be able to point you in the right direction.

Reach out to advertising agencies: If you know the agency behind the commercial, contacting them could yield results.

Music recognition tools: Websites like Midomi or Musipedia allow you to hum or upload a short audio clip to identify the song.


Patience is key. Identifying the song might take some time and effort.
Persistence pays off. Don’t give up easily – the satisfaction of finally knowing the song is worth it!

Bonus Tip

Once you’ve identified the song, explore its artist and other works. You might discover a new favorite musician or add another gem to your football playlist!

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Why is the song on the NFL commercial not listed anywhere?

Sometimes, licensing agreements or promotional strategies might delay the public release of a song used in a commercial. Persistence and searching for alternative sources are key.

What if the song is new or unreleased?

In such cases, identifying the song might be tricky. You might have to wait for the artist or brand to officially release it.

Are there any online resources dedicated to identifying songs in commercials?

Yes! Websites like TuneFind and WhatSongIsThis compile information about music used in various media, including commercials.

What if I still can’t find the song?

Share your experience on social media or fan forums. You might be surprised by the helpfulness of the NFL community!

How can I stay updated on new NFL commercial music?

Follow the NFL and relevant brands on social media. They often announce new commercials and sometimes reveal the featured music.

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